Friday, April 17, 2009

The bibs are in!

all bibs start at $9- and run to $11-
Picture of me sewing the bibs (darling I know! :0) )
Baseball travel baby wipe case
fabric flower hair clip (I make all the fabric flowers)

All fabric hair clips $5-

A VERY SMALL sample of hair clips(start at $1.50 and go to $5-)

Hey ya'll i've been working very hard this week getting new stuff made. (like 8 hours or more a day) so here are a few of the bibs i promised, plus i have made some darling hair clips, and new wipe cases! so enjoy. please remember I am happy to customize any item to your liking. just let me know.

Friday, April 3, 2009

some new stuff...

Gift boxes
(shown without decorations)
choice of small gift box(will have other decorations on it) $3.50
the medium gift box is all black and will be decorated as well $4.50
choice of large gift box (will have other decorations on it)$5.50
Journals w/pen

Little girls journal $9.50 w/pen
Family Journal $9.50 w/pen
Journal $11- w/pen
girls journal $11- w/pen
Baby's first Journal $11- w/pen
Baby wipe case

cowyboy baby wipe case $9-

Thursday, April 2, 2009

about "Cute~as~a~button~creations"...

wooden beaded bracelet for adult
baby blue, black, green, and wooden beaded necklace
multi-colored beads mixed with wooden beads
mixed green, white, and wooden beaded necklace
black beaded necklace mixed smoothe and metallic black beads
baby wipe case
baby wipe case

~cream with cowboy pattern

~bright pink with light pink and green designs

~black with bright orange and pink flowers

~black with blue polka-dots

~black with tiny red cherries and white polka-dots

~baseball pattern with blue stripes

~cream with maroonish old world pattern

~black with light pink polka-dots

~orange with tiny red flowers

~light pink with white polka-dots

~green with green flowers

HEY everyone I have started my own little mini company! I am super excited and stoked about this. I know times are totally financially tough right now, and trust me, we are feeling it! I love to create things, so I figured "hey why not sell them?" I also love giving gifts, so I thought "why not make stuff people can give to others at really reasonable prices?"(don't forget it's okay to give yourself a gift every once in a while too!) Each one of my "Creations" have a button some where on them, that is my trademark. I have put together a few things. My big focus is on baby gift boxes with fun things in them.
For example:
Darling diaper wipe cases, baby's "first" journals, bows, bracelets, and if I'm really feeling up to it burp clothes and blankets. I am also making super cute bibs. So if anyone is interested in purchasing them let me know. You can choose from what is already made or let me know of colors and fabrics you like and I can work with that!
Other things I am making are "Our 1st year" journals for newly wed couples, "mission" journals, and "adventure" journals for those who may travel a lot or are starting a new adventure (all journals include a pen), plus I am making simple, yet darling necklaces and bracelets. My mom makes really cute watches, so I am gonna see if she wants to join me in the fun and sell those!
I will get pictures of these items a.s.a.p I am still working out the kinks in my ideas and creations, but do have some products already made. Like I mentioned before you can choose from items already created or choose from fabrics and colors that YOU want for the gifts.


Prices vary item to item, but here is a general idea of what I am charging;

Diaper wipe case~ $9-$11

Baby Bracelets~$3-$5


Journals w\pen~$11


Burp cloths~3 for $9 or $3.50 each


Adult size Bracelets~$5-$7

I would love to come and do mini parties or I'd love to bring my stuff to any boutiques if you'd like just let me know.
Maren Metcalfe
My phone # is (801)628-7903
Thanks and please tell all your friends and family!
(again please be patient with me on this, it's all new and I'm still working out the kinks, thanks so much)